About us

🌟✨Welcome to Snazzy Headwear - An Odyssey of Vibrant Transformation🌈⭐

Hello! I'm Jessica, the heart and soul behind Snazzy Headwear. Before we step into the vibrant universe of custom hats, earrings, and headbands, let me briefly share the journey that led to creation of Snazzy Headwear.

Part 1: Out of the Shadows 🌘🔮

Despite a rocky start to adulthood, involving high school dropout, unexpected pregnancy, and chronic health issues. I found myself embroiled in the high-tide of alcoholism. Amid the chaos, I sought solace in academia, earning a business degree, marrying love of my life, and becoming a mom.
Filled with hopes and dreams post-graduation, the job market greeted me with a cold shoulder. The struggle was disheartening, but my focus was undeterred. I shifted my priority towards family, taking care of our home, and most importantly, self-care. Braving all odds, I'm humbled and proud to claim my sobriety milestone, 3 years, and counting!

Part 2: The Stitch of Salvation 🧵🎀

During this self-healing journey, I rediscovered joy and calmness in the intricate motions of crocheting. The idea of turning this hobby into a livelihood by selling hats and headbands became a passionate project. However, understanding the intensive labor versus compensation ratio, I decided to divert my creations towards sewing, staking my claim in the vast fashion industry.

Part 3: Rise of Snazzy Headwear! 🚀⭐

Wanting to combine my love for headwear with entrepreneurship, I ventured to create something innovative that provided customers with full control over their selections. That's how Snazzy Headwear was born. Determined to present the best products, I tested multiple material bases and experimented with diverse patterns to ensure a perfect, luxurious fit.
The best part? I managed to support other creatives through this project! The delightful prints offered at Snazzy Headwear are exclusively designed or printed by other gifted artists across the country, adding a unique touch to your chosen product!

Part 4: Welcoming You to Snazzy Headwear 🎩💫

Today, I invite you to step into the labyrinth of snazzy couture where we embrace the versatility of style. Your ideas and prerequisites shape your product. Should you have any bespoke requests not listed in our catalogue, feel free to drop me an email at jgood@snazzyheadwear.com. Your feedback is key in shaping our collections and adding more variety.
Head over to our virtual lounge, Snazzy Headwear's Facebook page @snazzyheadwearbyjess and Instagram handle: snazzyheadwear. Post your feedback, say Hi, and don't forget to share your lovely pictures adorning our bespoke pieces. We would love to see you flaunt your snazzy style!
So, ready to create some snazzy magic together? 💫🌟🥳🎉
Welcome to our world, where the greys of life can be replaced with the vibrant hues of Snazzy Headwear!