About us

Hello everyone and welcome to Snazzy Headwear. My name is Jessica and I am the sole owner of the company. So now comes for the first question why and where did the idea for the company come from? This is a fully jammed packed question as it was something that took a lot of time to grow.
I like most of you went through my life's trials and tribulations (still going through them). I have been a stay at home mom for the good part of 10 years now. While I am beyond blessed to have this opportunity you tend to lose yourself in the process. So I like many started the journey. I always knew I wanted to create my own company. Something that would be that little bit of a smile in another individuals day even if for just a second. So I took the first steps and went back to school and finished my Bachelor's degree in Business Administrative with a focus in small business. After this a few years had passed with some health challenges that presented them self, and put a hold to everything other than everyday life. Throughout this time started my first venture during a very difficult event, I had lost my grandmother.So I picked up crocheting to help deal with the passing, and to give me something to help still feel close with her. I got really good with it too just ask I love showing off photos. I made amazing character hats for customers, scarves, headbands, snow globe magnets, the works! I ended up dabbling with the idea of turning that into a business. I started creating products for customers, and did well. However, unfortunately it is an art that has truly lost its appreciation. So as time went on ideas came, but nothing really seemed worth it. Finally my dad had bought me a sewing machine for my birthday. I was like a little kid on Christmas. Something brand new that was all mine, and now I could create or repair clothing (because with 3 kids they surely know how to ruin just about anything). So sewing and creating is just what I did. The first thing I made was a scrunchie which I heard it was one of the easiest things to practice. Then I had the idea with previously selling head wear why not look into more ideas with that. I have 2 daughters and they love headbands, but it was so hard to find ones that really made them light up. That is where the idea for the company all began. I wanted to be able to give everyone the ability to find something that really truly fit their style. Something that could be a little versatile. That is why I chose the knot style headbands. This gives you the ability to "dress up" your outfit, or be completely casual and be able to wear it as a solid band. I want to let you the customer have the ability to create a product that is your very own. I keep a very limited supply of each product, and will constantly be offering new styles. As you can see we have started  dabbling with other products also! So keep checking back in, and if you can't find what you want message me so we can create it together!