About us

Hello and Welcome to Snazzy Headwear! My name is Jessica Good-Haldi, and I am the owner of the this little accessory boutique. I am 32 a wife, and mother to 3 children. I like most have gone through my fair share of life teaching lessons. The biggest lesson that I have learned is that in today's society we are so programmed to just settle. To accept that enough is just that enough. I have reached a point in life where settling is just not an option. I wanted to give others that same opportunity. Too often when shopping there is a great print but the style just isn't your taste, or vice versa. I wanted to create an experience where customers have a real voice, and do not have to settle. I wanted to a company that is truly unique,  and gives everyone their own personal shopping experience. One where settling is not an option, because we are able to create your products just the way you like it. 
If there is ever something you are looking for that you don't see please send us an e-mail at jgood@snazzyheadwear.com. I will respond within 72 hours to all emails.
We hope that you enjoy shopping with us and you love our products! We love hearing back from all of you so be sure to follow our Facebook page @snazzyheadwearbyjess
and our Instagram: snazzyheadwear.
Say hi, post feedback, and also your beautiful faces with your favorite products!!!