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Ok so one of my custom groups has started a drive with one of their fabric designs. A portion of all proceeds will be going to Operation Underground Railroad. To find out more information on this organization please visit and/or watch the documentary Operation Toussaint. I will be partaking in this drive along with them and be donating 20% of each item sold to this cause. I will be adding the fabric along with finish options to the website so you can order in advance, and I can be sure to have enough fabric available. It can take up to 11 weeks to receive the preorder then I would make orders up and send them to you. I want to make sure I have enough available to meet everyone's needs. The preorder closes aug 15 so the 11 weeks would start after that. I will also close the pre-order on the 15th and after pre-orders are filled I will post the available retail.
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